North Texas Giving Day 2018

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Shelter2Rescue Coalition is 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue dedicated to saving dogs and cats on death row in rural Texas shelters. We work with a coalition of rescues, veterinarians, transporters, individual contributors, boarding facilities and internet rescuers to save lives by extending the reach of local shelters nationwide. The rescue is completely foster/volunteer based and we rely on other animal lovers to help contribute to saving these animals. Since July 2007, Shelter2Rescue Coalition has saved over 3,000 animals by working with local and nationwide verified rescue coalition members. By some estimates, there are over 5 million highly adoptable dogs euthanized for shelter space in this country every year. It is a holocaust for man's best friend, and we at Shelter2Rescue Coalition are doing everything we can to help local Texas rural shelters, who rarely have rescue help, to lower their euthanasia rates. 

Family walking dog through the woods

Want to help?
Do you know that there are several ways you can help us save more lives. One of these is super simple and chances are you are doing this already.
Walking your dog!
You can download an app called WoofTrax to your cell phone, that tracks your distance while you are walking your dog and you earn money for a shelter or rescue of your choice (Shelter2Rescue) for every mile you walk! How simple and fun is that. You can check out more about this app and how it works HERE!


Not the right time to adopt? If you can't adopt, please consider our fostering program. Fostering saves lives. READ MORE


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