Happy Tails

Shelter2Rescue is dedicated to saving as many lives of dogs and cats as possible. Just take a look at all of the furbabies Shelter2Rescue has saved just in 2016. If you would like to be a part of this awesome group visit the volunteer page to find out how you can help. Also if you would just like to help us out with donations of any kind you can either donate on our donate page or contact us to find out where to drop off items.


Spunky LIBBY Walt OMARI Reid Miller SUGAR-BEAR Jimmy MacKensie SAMMY Popcorn Lydia Bojack sharese Hershey Eli Harley Bindi Marvolous Waldo Rana Jake Bandit Jill Isabel Fred Sharese SPARKY Luca Lucilla Pebbles Harley Maggie Rail SOLLY Yuma DANDY Spam Daisy Marzipan Kimba Jambalaya Kip Patches Elsa Libby Tucker Rothlow Eli Laith Page Rebel Ela-rose Willow Piper Spike Dano Peanut Luca Hershey Elsa Jed London KODA Lara VIVIANNE Piper Ralphie Pricilla Tink Emma-lily Selina Dee-Dee Gus Scruffy Ralphie Peanut-butter Sputnik Landro Josh Rufus Ralphie Marzipan Kip Heidi Gino Toby Jersey Marci Lydia Sassy Danny Speckles Meatball Giselle Ella-rose Rana Stangard Jozel ZOEY Lenny Leroy Teacup Livia FARKLE Jerry Rebel Jerry Freckles Precious Livia Sprinkles

Haymich Mags piglet Baby Mo Kenya Dez Swayze Kenya maggie Nasira Finnick OSCAR Dez jetta Nacho KIKI Sid Henry Larry sooty Lil-bit Saphire Heather Jasmine Pico SJ Gale Queso JOSEPHINE Montana Rue Eva Nubs Freddie Mo Ginger Emma Ginger Gloss Tamale Sam Jody Graysie Maggie Tina Salsa tom-jones Oona Prim SIMBA Snow Twinkie Tom Thomas-o-malley Dottie Oona Purlignton-inky Devon Glimmer Rajah Tigger jetta Bella Curly Tina Misty peeta stripes Katniss Nancy Misty Piglet Tigger Tortilla Maurice Jenna sweep Pannini Kimchi Tom-jones Moe Nirvana Nirvana Duchess SJ