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What is a foster volunteer?

A foster (individual or family) cares for an animal in our rescue while they are awaiting adoption. The foster helps the animal decompress, socialize, and adjust to life outside the shelter.

When we have available fosters we are able to save more dogs and cats from euthanasia.

Why should I foster?

You have the ability to improve the life of a homeless animal. Bottle feeding a motherless kitten helps it grow and get healthy. The dog or cat you foster may be experiencing care and affection for the first time. You may be helping an animal learn house manners and feel safe and secure.

What kinds of animals need fostering?

What requirements are necessary for fostering? Do I need any special training?

We welcome both experienced and new foster volunteers. Our team is available to support you with the goal of having the fostering experience be positive for both you and your foster animal.

Fosters must be at least 21 years old.

How long does fostering last and will it cost anything?

Typically two weeks to several months, depending on the animal's needs. As you tell us about your foster, you might enjoy helping us write an engaging bio to increase interest and the number of applications.

Shelter2Rescue can assist you with food and supplies for your foster, if needed. We cover all of the animal's medical expenses, including medication. We work with a network of veterinarians. You need only provide your home, attention, and love.

Foster Application

Foster Application