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Our fosters help animals during a difficult and dangerous time in their lives by removing the animal from a stressful environment as well as the threat of euthanasia. They help support our mission. We are grateful for assistance in the following areas:

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  • Every animal has a story, and it's often a sad one. In a shelter, strays are grateful for food and shelter, but once-beloved pets are in a state of shock
  • An animal recovering from surgery, illness, or injury and needs a safe place to recuperate
  • By hosting an animal until adopted, you impact their spirits, show them love, give them a will to live
  • You'll get to know their personalities and help us review adoption applications to select the best match for your foster dog or cat
  • We also value our short-term/overnight fosters who host an animal scheduled for transport to events, adopters, or other rescues
  • Fosters help the animals on their journeys to happier lives
  • Basically, a rescue Uber. We could use your help--and your vehicle--to get animals to vet appointments and adoption events
  • On occasion we need help receiving and relocating food donations
  • Our intake animals often need basic grooming, but dogs and cats who gave birth in shelters could use your skills for a mommy makeover
  • Do you know a good match when you see it? You will review applications and check vet and personal references
  • Techie, creative, or admin skills? Volunteers are needed to add animals to our database, take pictures, write bios, arrange home checks, and coordinate with the foster to complete an adoption
  • It's a team effort; just let us know what help you can offer
  • Community events and *pop up adoptions* in different locations give our animals and our rescue a chance to be noticed by a new audience
  • You'll work with other volunteers to organize and run an event, and coordinate social gatherings for our volunteers and adopters
  • You'll promote our rescue and find business/individual sponsors to support our mission
  • We need your social media savvy to promote the animals available for adoption
  • Getting our animals healthy, and having them stay healthy, is an important part of our mission
  • You'll be the contact person to answer our fosters' questions about medical and health needs, which may mean getting the answers from our directors or our veterinarians
  • At least once a month, you'll coordinate the delivery of heartworm prevention medications to our foster families

Volunteer Application